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//So, yeah, here’s that song I promised y’all. Hope it’s okay. And Sapphire Knight, for the record, is my main alias.


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seriously.  what has our educational system become.  i’ve tried to think of whether our generation is just too lazy, too dramatic, etc but i honestly think we are being over worked and have too high of expectations for our age and for how we are treated.  we are told to eat 3 meals a day, get 8 hours of sleep, get to school on time, be in clubs, do sports, finish all of our homework etc. not to mention house work, jobs to pay for college (which is a complete other rant in itself) and still have time to spend unwinding.  what many adults fail to understand is that when they were in school they didn’t have advanced placement classes (AP/college courses in high school), they didn’t have honors classes.  these more advanced classes are undeniably required if you plan on getting into a good college.  it all adds to the stress level of teenagers today.  they always say that we have it easier because they didn’t have nearly as advanced technology as we do but it goes both ways.  the more technology advances the more we are required to learn.  and to be quite honest, the teenagers (with everything else that is going on in their lives) can only handle so much.  they wonder why crime rates are going up, they wonder why more and more teenagers are depressed, committing suicide, etc. the problem is right under their nose.

for example: an athlete cannot be overworked by a coach, otherwise they crack under pressure and injuries are more and more common.  the same goes for school.  another thing i would like to point out is (where i live at least) many elementary schools have cut cursive writing out of the school curriculum.  many people think this is outrageous since it has been something children were required to know and “would use for the rest of their lives” for SO long now but it just comes to prove how many things kids in just the 2nd grade must learn!  you have youngsters learning long division 2 years earlier than i did when i was in elementary school.  it’s crazy!  now there’s nothing wrong with improvement, but there comes a time when it gets to be too much for people to handle.

i suppose what i am trying to say is that the human mind is a delicate thing, and people need to be reminded that memorizing all of this information can become unnecessary.  there is a fine line between exposing students to certain material, and forcing them to memorize something they have no interest in majoring in.  maybe there needs to be a few changes in our school systems today.

okay that’s my rant.  sorry it’s soo long and sorry if it doesn’t make sense. it’s 12:30 am and i’m stressed out and i needed to get that off my mind so that i could continue to study for final exams tomorrow.

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Usually I just scroll past rants but god dammit this is perfect

And so the countdown begins…

…To my birthday. It’s a week from tomorrow (Dec. 15)! >w>

Something I found on youtube that pretty much has the holidays and my birthday summarized.

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Random Plan…

Okay! So, first not-reblogged post here in damn near forever. Well, for that matter, just first post here in a long while. Anyway, I’ve been off bouncing between my roleplaying accounts taichotiger and strawhat-captain-luffy. But THAT’S not what I’m posting this for…

I am working on a rom hack of a gen 3 pokemon game to replace the little beasties with digimon. Essentially, I’m working on 'Digimon Fire Red/Leaf Green' or 'Digimon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald' version. I’ve already got the list of mons and the evolution chains done, now I need to get the data and sprites for them.

Now, this is something I’m doing for fun (partly because I can’t legally be making money off of it), so it’s going to probably take FOREVER to do it, even if I just dropped off the face of tumblr and the internet to work on it. So, if anyone out there is interested in helping, I would more than welcome the help, but all I can offer in compensation for your time and effort is my gratitude and your name (real or web name) in the credits.




when you make OCs, and later find out they look kinda like characters from an existing series


When you write/think their stories and  later find out they are very similar like characters from an existing series.


When your OCs have been established for years but characters from recent popular shows look very similar to them